Project management for teams with big ideas

DrockSoft Projects is loaded with features that will make you more productive. You can collaborate with others, manage projects, share files, and more. We’ve included a ton of features to help you!
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Simple task and project management software

From co-workers to clients, you need a way to collaborate seamlessly while maintaining control over the documents and files that your business runs on.

That's why DrockSoft Projects makes document collaboration simple and secure - helping teams and clients to work better together, and allowing businesses to better manage their content.

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  • Dashboard. Your new-look dashboard. It shows you exactly what you need to see to get up to speed on your tasks and projects... and nothing more.
  • Start projects. Each time you sign a new client or kick off a new project, you rely on internal processes that keep everyone on track. DrockSoft Projects helps you make those processes into templates to use again and again.
  • Invite your team. Bring in your team, or invite collaborators to specific projects. Members only see what you want them to see.


Everything your business needs

  • Notifications. Notifications keep you informed of any updates to your tasks. They’re customizable, so you receive as many or as few as you want.
  • Private Projects. Have a project the whole team doesn’t need to see? Keep sensitive tasks in a private project. Only invited members will see it.
  • Project Notes. Get your project started with an inspirational note, or some helpful instructions and files.

Create projects to manage teams, collaborate, share files, and stay on task.

Share & collaborate

Work together as a team, share files and work, and collaborate using our platform.


Use comments in DrockSoft Projects to discuss important tasks, files, and more


Use DrockSoft Projects to manage teams. Both internal and distributed teams work more efficiently.


Powerful up-to-the-minute reporting on where projects stand, latest activity, and who's accomplished what.


Use the calendar to schedule events and subscribe to our Cloud calendar via iCal or Outlook.

Track time

Track time by project using our time and expense tracking. You can also use our built-in timer.

Share files

Quickly and easily share files with your project teams. Get digital approvals right inside DrockSoft Projects

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